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 Dear friends,


Welcome to our web pages which are intended not only for sportsmen, but for the promoters of Showdown, too. In 1998, Jan Hegr and Petr Bayer drew together to make an information site for all the supporters of this amazing sport. Showdown is foremost a sport for the blind and weak-eyed, but a healthy person can as well try this game out, or take a liking to it.


You’ ll find here not only the rules of the game, but above all the tournament results together with interesting things that you won’ t find anywhere else. However, we cannot manage without seeing referees as well as guides and helpers, and we welcome any help.


The main page is parted into integrated groups. On the left-hand side you’ ll find current news, contacts, rules, laws, photo gallery, drawings of the tables, conferences and other references. On the righ-hand side there is a sports calendar with tournament results, results of both individual competitions and teams, Championship of the Czech Republic or all year round rating.  In the lower part there is a reference to the eye classifiers both for Bohemia and Moravia.


The authors do their best to make the site as well-arranged and easy-to-read as possible for both blind (by the means of speaking programmes) and weak-eyed. At the same time, we welcome any comments and ideas for modification or completion.

















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